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A complete and accurate picture of the issues facing boreal birds and their habitats requires a thorough background on each species, along with knowledge about boreal bird communities and their habitats.



For each boreal bird species, BAM presents basic ecological information and key metrics derived from analyses using the BAM database addressing:

  • Life history
  • Breeding ecology
  • Conservation status
  • Location of species data records
  • Density estimates
  • Habitat associations
  • Distribution estimates

To find information for a particular species, type part or all of the species name (common or Latin) in the Search Box on the left or chose from the Search by Species menu on the left (alphabetical by common name).




Results of some of our analyses are available as spatial datasets on the BAM Web Mapping Portal

There you will find:

  • Maps of predicted distributions and densities for 80 boreal-breeding songbird species (see Climate Change gallery).
  • Maps of projected distributions and densities for the same 80 species at three future timepoints based on climate change projections (see Climate Change gallery).
Additional data products may be available upon request.

As analyses are completed, more information will be added. Detailed descriptions of the analytical procedures used to generate species-specific or broad information are included under Methods.

This page last updated: Mar 31 2017