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The Boreal Avian Modelling (BAM) Project was created to develop the best predictive bird-habitat models possible from existing data, with the goal of meeting immediate conservation needs and informing future research and monitoring efforts.

The Boreal Avian Modelling Project (BAM) is a unique, international collaboration among avian and forest researchers, conservation agencies, industry, as well as other funders and end-users of avian research. The participants support the conservation of boreal birds by facilitating a better understanding of their ecology.


The Boreal Avian Modelling Project (BAM) is jointly coordinated by a Steering Committee, which is responsible for project management, scientific direction, communications (including delivery of project results), and overall scientific merit and relevance.

Project delivery is facilitated by a dedicated team comprising an ecologist, a biostatistician, a data manager, and a project coordinator, as well as a wildlife biologist.

A National Technical Committee of boreal bird researchers from across Canada and Alaska provides scientific advice to the project, facilitates data sharing and project collaboration.

The collaborative nature of the project is highlighted by the other individuals who have provided project assistance and support over the years. 

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