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Wetland Habitat Data

The three remote-sensed land cover products mentioned on the Evaluation of Land Cover Products page do not represent wetland and aquatic habitats well, with the exception of open water which is reliably detected by satellite-based sensors.

Staff of Ducks Unlimited Canada (Western Boreal Region) developed a "Hybrid Wetland Layer" (HWL) which merges water classes of the EOSD product with a digital wetland mapping product derived from Canada's National Topographic System (NTS) 1:50,000 map-sheets (CanVec v5.0). The HWL extends the variety of mapped wetlands to include tundra ponds, palsa and string bogs, wetlands, and saturated soils as mapped on NTS sheets.

Originally developed only for western Canada, DUC extended the coverage to the eastern Canada, and made several improvements to support the expansion of BAM's work to include waterfowl habitat modelling.

We further exploited the high-resolution CASFRI dataset to develop a wetland classification for much of the area covered by the CAS. See Appendix 14 and Appendix 15 of Cosco et al. 2010 .

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