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BAM Publications

* Asterisks indicate papers with contributions from BAM team members.


*Leston, L., E.M. Bayne, and F.K.A. Schmiegelow. 2018. Long-term changes in boreal forest occupancy within regenerating harvest units. Forest Ecology and Management:in press

Sólymos, P., S. M. Matsuoka, D. Stralberg, N. K. S. Barker, and E. M. Bayne. 2018. Phylogeny and species traits predict bird detectability. Ecography:early view.

Sólymos, P., S. M. Matsuoka, S. G. Cumming, D. Stralberg, P. Fontaine, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, S. J. Song, and E. M. Bayne. under revision. Evaluating time-removal models for estimating availability of boreal birds during point-count surveys: sample size requirements and model complexity. Condor.

*Stralberg, D., C. Carroll, J. H. Pedlar, C. B. Wilsey, D. W. McKenney, and S. E. Nielsen. 2018. Macrorefugia for North American trees and songbirds: Climatic limiting factors and multi-scale topographic influences. Global Ecology and Biogeography:early view

*Stralberg, D., X. Wang, M.-A. Parisien, F.-N. Robinne, P. Sólymos, C. L. Mahon, S. E. Nielsen, and E. M. Bayne. 2018. Wildfire-mediated vegetation change in boreal forests of Alberta, Canada. Ecosphere 9:e02156.

*Tremblay, J. A., Y. Boulanger, D. Cyr, A.R. Taylor, D.T. Price, and M.-H. St-Laurent. 2018. Harvesting interacts with climate change to affect future habitat quality of a focal species in eastern Canada’s boreal forest. PLoS ONE 13(2): e0191645

*Tremblay, J.A., M. Robert, D. P. Hynes, M. Young, and B. Drolet. 2018. Range extension of the endangered Red crossbill (Loxia curvirostra percna) in Canada: New insights from Anticosti Island, Québec. Avian Conservation and Ecology 13 (1):10.  

*Van Wilgenburg, S. L., K. A. Hobson, K. J. Kardynal, and E. M. Beck. 2018. Temporal changes in avian abundance in aspen-dominated boreal mixedwood forests of central Saskatchewan, Canada. Avian Conservation and Ecology 13(1):3

*Yip, D. A., E. C. Knight, E. Havve-Audet, S. Wilson, C. Charcuk, C. Scott, P. Sólymos, and E. M. Bayne. in review. Levelling the playing field: automated recognition from audio recording sound level provides unbiased distance estimates. Ecosphere.



*Carroll, C., D. R. Roberts, J. L. Michalak, J. J. Lawler, S. E. Nielsen, D. Stralberg, A. Hamann, B. H. McRae, and T. Wang. 2017. Scale-dependent complementarity of climatic velocity and environmental diversity for identifying priority areas for conservation under climate change. Global Change Biology 23:4508-4520.

*Haché, S., E. M. Bayne, M.-A. Villard, H. Proctor, C. S. Davis, D. Stralberg, J. K. Janes, M. T. Hallworth, K. R. Foster, E. Vasi, A. Grossi, J. Gorrell, and R. Krikun. 2017. Phylogeography of a migratory songbird across its Canadian breeding range: implications for conservation units. Ecology and Evolution 7:6078-6088.

*Hunt, A. R., E. M. Bayne, and S. Haché. 2017. Forestry and conspecifics influence Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis) habitat use and reproductive activity in boreal Alberta, Canada. The Condor 119:832–847

*Pankratz, R., S. Hache, P. Sólymos, and E. Bayne. 2017. Potential benefits of augmenting road-based breeding bird surveys with autonomous recordings. Avian Conservation and Ecology 12(2):18

Stralberg, D., S. M. Matsuoka, C. M. Handel, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, A. Hamann, and E. M. Bayne. 2017. Biogeography of boreal passerine range dynamics: past, present, and future. Ecography 40:1050-1066

Van Wilgenburg, S. L., P. Sólymos, K. J. Kardynal, and M. D. Frey. 2017. Paired sampling standardizes point count data from humans and acoustic recorders. Avian Conservation and Ecology 12(1):13

*Yip, D. A., E. M. Bayne, P. Sólymos, J. Campbell, and D. Proppe. 2017. Sound attenuation in forest and roadside environments: Implications for avian point-count surveys. The Condor 119:73-84.

*Yip, D., L. Leston, E. Bayne, P. Sólymos, and A. Grover. 2017. Experimentally derived detection distances from audio recordings and human observers enable integrated analysis of point count data. Avian Conservation and Ecology 12(1):11



Ball J. R., P. Sólymos, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, S. Haché, J. Schieck, and E. M. Bayne. 2016. Regional habitat needs of a nationally listed species, Canada Warbler (Cardellina canadensis), in Alberta, Canada. Avian Conservation and Ecology 11(2):10.  [PDF]

Bayne, E. M., L. Leston, C. L. Mahon, P. Sólymos, C. S. Machtans, H. Lankau, J. R. Ball, S. L. Van Wilgenburg, S. G. Cumming, T. Fontaine, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, and S. J. Song. 2016. Boreal bird abundance estimates within different energy sector disturbances vary with point count radius. Condor 118:376–390. [PDF]

Mahon, C. L., G. Holloway, P. Sólymos, S. G. Cumming, E. M. Bayne, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, and S. J. Song. 2016. Community structure and niche characteristics of upland and lowland western boreal birds at multiple spatial scales. Forest Ecology and Management 361:99-116. [PDF]

Stralberg, D., S. M. Matsuoka, C. M. Handel, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, A. Hamann, and E. M. Bayne. 2016. Biogeography of boreal passerine range dynamics in western North America: past, present, and future. Ecography. [early view].


Barker, N. K. S., P. C. Fontaine, S. G. Cumming, D. Stralberg, A. Westwood, E. M. Bayne, P. Sólymos, F. K. A. Schmiegelow, S. J. Song, and D. J. Rugg. 2015. Ecological monitoring through harmonizing existing data: Lessons from the Boreal Avian Modelling Project. Wildlife Society Bulletin 39:480-487. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/wsb.567/abstract. [PDF]

Cumming, S. G., C. R. Drever, M. Houle, J. Cosco, P. Racine, E. Bayne, and F. K. A. Schmiegelow.
2015. A gap analysis of tree species representation in the protected areas of the Canadian boreal forest: applying a new assemblage of digital Forest Resource Inventory data. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 45:163-173. [PDF]

*Sólymos, P., S. F. Morrison, J. Kariyeva, J. Schieck, D. L. Haughland, E. T. Azeria, T. Cobb, R. Hinchliffe, J. Kittson, A. C. S. Mcintosh, T. Narwani, P. Pierossi, M.-C. Roy, T. Sandybayev, S. Boutin, and E. Bayne. 2015. Data and information management for the monitoring of biodiversity in Alberta: Biodiversity Monitoring in Alberta. Wildlife Society Bulletin 39:472-479.

Stralberg, D., E. M. Bayne, S. G. Cumming, P. Sólymos, S. J. Song, and F. K. A. Schmiegelow.
2015. Conservation of future boreal forest bird communities considering lags in vegetation response to climate change: a modified refugia approach. Diversity and Distributions 21:1112-1128. [PDF]

Stralberg, D., S. M. Matsuoka, A. Hamann, E. M. Bayne, P. Sólymos, F. Schmiegelow, X. Wang, S. G. Cumming, and S. J. Song.
2015. Projecting boreal bird responses to climate change: The signal exceeds the noise. Ecological Applications. [PDF]



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Cumming SG, D Stralberg, K Lefevre, P Solymos, EM Bayne, T Fontaine, D Mazerolle, FKA Schmiegelow, and SJ Song. 2014. Climate and vegetation hierarchically structure patterns of songbird distribution in the Canadian boreal region. Ecography. DOI: 10.1111/j.1600-0587.2013.00299.x.  http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1600-0587.2013.00299.x/abstract



Solymos P, SM Matsuoka, EM Bayne, SR Lele, P Fontiane, S Cumming, D Stralberg, FKA Schmiegelow, SJ Song. 2013 Calibrating indices of avian density from non-standardized survey data: making the most of messy situation. Methods in Ecology and Evolution. DOI:10.1111/2041-210X.12106 published in final form at http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/2041-210X.12106/abstract



Matsuoka SM, EM Bayne, P Solymos, PC Fontaine, SG Cumming, FKA Schmiegelow, SJ Song. 2012. Using binomial distance-sampling models to estimate the effective detection radius of point-count surveys across Boreal Canada. The Auk 129(2): 268-282. DOI: 10.1525/auk.2012.11190.

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Lele SR, M Moreno, E Bayne. 2012. Dealing with detection error in site occupancy surveys: what can we do with a single survey? Journal of Plant Ecology 5:22-31. DOI 10.1093/jpe/rtr042.



Cumming SG, KL Lefevre, E Bayne, T Fontaine, FKA Schmiegelow, SJ Song. 2010. Toward conservation of Canada's boreal forest avifauna: design and application of ecological models at continental extents. Avian Conservation and Ecology 5(2):8. http://dx.doi.org/10.5751/ACE-00406-050208 . PDF: http://www.ace-eco.org/vol5/iss2/art8/ACE-ECO-2010-406.pdf .

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